inteliPOS is designed to ensure reliability and accuracy at the point of sale,which can be integrated with a range of 3rd party financial systems, offering multiple payment methods.

Over two decades ago, inteliPOS installed their first cashless site and since then, the product has grown to be a trusted software application in many industrial, corporate and educational environments, suitable across all global markets.

Over time, inteliPOS has gained vast experience as a specialised solutions provider which has permitted our software portfolio and services to grow and expand, in line with industry demands. As a result, we adapt to customer’s ever evolving needs and technology trends, resulting in building and maintaining meaningful, long-term relationships with key regional and global organisations.

20 years of continued global innovation has ensured inteliPOS offers the best solution for your Point of Sale environment.

*Reliability when it counts
*Accuracy down to the finest detail
*Integration platforms to merge inteliPOS with 3rd party systems
*Multiple payment options ensuring customers have choice
Beyond Transacting means:
*Adding significant value together with our partners
*Cost effective solutions
*Continued development and innovation
*Compatibility with a host of external systems
*Unrivalled customer support and response times

inteliPOS in your business:

*Facilitate and manage the most complex, multi-vendor serving environments
*Modular in design, capable of meeting the varied needs of their customers
*Surpasses customers’ expectation, providing accurate and fast checkout times
*Cloud-based applications and data solutions, bolted onto traditional POS
*Up to date informatics and data analysis

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