Chapter 1: Overview

1.1 How to use this manual

This guide will assist you to register and operate the inteliPOS mobile application. You will find a step-by-step guide from downloading the application to troubleshooting individual problems you may come across while operating the application.

For a full list and shortcuts to each specific chapter in this guide, you will find an index for each chapter and sub-chapter. You can click on any of the items to jump straight to the chapter you need help with.

If at any stage you would like to return to the top of the page, you can click on the button - at the bottom right of the page.

There will be links (marked like this) though-out the guide. These links allow you to jump to different chapters throughout this guide.

1.2 What has been done already

On the backend, your Human Resources department would have already loaded your cellphone and your details on our system. This will allow you to just download the application, use your cell phone number to receive an OTP that will allow you to login onto your profile.

1.3 Downloading and opening the application

Go to your Apple AppStore for iOS devices, Google Play Store for Android devices and App Gallery for Huawei. Type inteliPOS into the search bar. Click on GET.

Once the application has downloaded, click on it to open and you will get to the loading screen.

App store app
Loading screen

Once the application has opened, you will see a menu button on the top right of your screen. If you click on it, it will give you the following menu choices:

  • User Manual
  • Contact inteliPOS
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy & Policy
user manual
inteliPOS contact details
inteliPOS Terms and Conditions
inteliPOS privacy Policy

Chapter 2: Accessing your profile

This chapter provides a baseline explanation of what to do when you open the app and how to get your profile loaded.

2.1 Finding your profile

If you are connecting to your account for the first time and have never connected your account on any other device, click on Connect First Device. If you have already connected to your account on another device and choose this option, you will reset your account PIN across all devices.

If you have connected to your account on another device and choose to connect the same account to a new device, click on Connect New Device.

Connect First Device: Type in your mobile number on the screen. You can either select your company from the dropdown or click on Select Company Name and start typing your company name to filter the dropdown. Select your company. Click on Continue.

Connect New Device: Type in your mobile number on the screen. You can either select your company from the dropdown or click on Select Company Name and start typing your company name to filter the dropdown. Select your company. Now you will be required to retrieve your existing Account PIN from the User Dashboard of the device the account is already setup on. Click on Validate Your Account.

Type in your mobile number
Connect Your Account
Connect More Devices

2.2 Confirming your account

Account Connection Error: Should you receive an error message that reads Account Connection Error, then please contact your Human Resources department to update your details on the company server. Confirm with them that your mobile number is correct and that you selected the correct company. If you selected all the correct information, your Human Resources department should load you on the company name server. Once they have confirmed you have been loaded, please start again from Chapter 2.1 Activating your profile.

Confirm Your Account:Should you get to a screen that has all your information (your name, company name, employee and cellphone number), double-check your information. If your information is correct, then type in the OTP you have received and click on the Yes, that is me button. Should your information be incorrect, please click on the That is not me button.

That was not me: You will be directed to a screen called Incorrect details . If your number was typed correctly, but ended up with a different user name, then there is a mismatch within the company data. Please contact your Human Resources department to have the issue resolved. Once they have confirmed the issue has been resolved, please start again from Chapter 2.1 Activating your profile.

Account Connection Error
Confirm your account
Incorrect Details

Biometrics: The application will automatically look at your phone capabilities and enabled settings for facial recognition and/or fingerprint access. You can choose to use this function if your device allows. Your phone settings should automatically ask you if you would like to add this to your biometric settings.

2.3 Securing your account

Congratulations, you are one step away from gaining access to the application. You will have the option to setup and login with your biometric settings (fingerprints or facial recognition) or secure your account with a password. Your profile password must have at least:

  • 8 characters
  • One uppercase character
  • One lowercase character
  • One special (i.e ! @ # $ %) character

On returning to the application the biometrics screens will be used to login unless your biometrics are disabled and will view the normal password screen. In the event of the application password being forgotten, use the or use password login link under each login screens. Supply mobile number to get an OTP and complete the Reset Password screen to reset your account.

NOTE: If the password is reset your user accounts will generate a new account PIN. If you have setup your account on multiple devices, you will be required to reconnect your accounts using the new account PIN.

Sign in with fingerprints
Sign in with facial recognition
Setup Password
Insert Password
Reset Password

Chapter 3: Using the application

This chapter will help you to explore the system and it's capabilities to ensure that you maximize user experience and application functionality.

3.1 User Dashboard

Once you have logged in and activated your account, you will see the User Dashboard. The dashboard is devided into 5 section:

  1. Header - Top right is the Settings cog icon.
  2. User - The account loaded will be displayed with the user name. Tap the More menus button to expand and view more info for the account: company, employee number, mobile number and tap the 4 stars to view the user's account PIN.
  3. Wallet - The wallet total will be displayed. Tap the More menus to expand and view the Prepaid and Credit wallet amounts. Depending your company's setup, you might see only the Prepaid Wallet, Credit Wallet or both. On the Prepaid Wallet, Tap the More menus to view the Manage Prepaid Wallet menu.
  4. Pending Orders - A list of pending orders, these are orders place for now (today), followed by future orders (days to come). Future orders is a company specific feature so some user might not see orders of this nature. Tap the More menus next to the Pending Orders heading to view full order details. Tap the More menus next to the order and view the order with each line item. Here the user has the possibility to delete an order.
  5. Footer Menu - At the bottom of the screen a menu will be visible with 5 options:
    1. Home - Takes the user back to the dashboard
    2. Wallet - This will open the Manage Wallet menu
    3. Order - A popup will appear with the option to place an order For right now or For future.
    4. Statement - This will open the Statement screen
    5. Pay QR - A popup will appear Pay Using QR Code, present at the point of sale to pay for orders
User dashboard
User dashboard expanded
Place an order option
Pay using QR Code

3.2 Manage Wallet

NOTE: If your company is not setup to have a Prepaid Wallet, this option will not be avialable to you.

From the menu select Manage Wallet, it will give you the following menu choices:

  • Load Cash: Load cash to your wallet using the inteliPOS kiosks using a QR Code.
  • Recharge: Choose an amount to recharge your wallet with. Depending on your company's payment options you will be able to use a credit card, Zapper, SnapScan or EFT. You will proceed to the payment screen and then a message screen informing you that the transaction has been approved or declined.
  • Recharge History: All attempts to recharge, if not completed, approved or declined will be visible in this list.
Manage Wallet Menu
Recharge Amount
Recharge Credit Card Details
Recharge Message
Recharge History

3.3 Place Orders

From the dashboard footer menu select Order, a popup will appear with the option to place an order For right now or For future.
NOTE: Not all companies are setup to handle future orders.

  • For right now - Tap the button and it will navigate to Place Order Screen
  • For future - Tap the button and you will navigate to the Place Order Date screen, click to select the date of your future order. The following screen, Place Order Time, will require you to select the time of the order and select an instruction for the order, click Next to navigate to the Place Order Screen.
  • Place Order Screen

    Navigate through the categories by clicking on the labeled buttons to find an item to order. To add the item to the cart simply press the item name button. Some items will have a popup options, follow the instructions on screen as some requests are manditory and some optional. If the request is mandatory you will have to select an option and if the option is not mandatory you can click Next. Your item will be added to the cart when you have completed the popup options by either clicking the mandatory button or by clicking Next button through the popup options and then clicking Done.

    When you are ready to place your oder, cilck on the cart icon or the Checkout button. You will view the content of your cart and can make final adjustments before placing the order. If your company is setup to have both Prepaid and Credit Wallets then you will be prompted from which wallet to pay from first. NOTE: If your company is not setup to have a Prepaid Wallet, the option below will not be available.

    If the order amount exceeds the wallet total, you will be present with the option to Recharge Wallet. If you do not see this option, it means that your company has not been setup for the recharge wallet option and would need to recharge your wallet as you normally do. Once you have clicked on Recharge Wallet you will be directed to the Manage Wallet > Recharge screen. Complete the recharging of your wallet, if the transaction is approved a Back to Order button will be visible and will take you back to your order. Complete the order process by checking out.

    Items in your cart will be saved only if you return to the same date. The reason for this is some companies are setup in such a way that their menu changes daily.

    Place Order
    Place Order
    Place Order
    Place Order
    Place Order
    Place Order
    Place Order Confirmation

    3.4 Pending Orders

    A list of orders that have not been processed yet are visible here. Click on the order to view the details of the order and to delete the order click the Delete Order button. Only orders with an OPEN status can be deleted.

    Pending Orders
    Pending Orders Details

    3.5 Statement

    The statement list will show all the credits and debits for your account even if you are not using this app for loading credit or ordering. It will show deposits made, Load Cash or Recharge and all purchases made with Place Order.

    To view transaction details simply click the transaction in question and a screen with the full transaction details will be visible.

    Account Statement
    Transaction details

    3.6 Settings

    The Settings cog icon is visible on the top right of the User Dashboard screen. The Settings screen will display the user name, company, employee number, mobile number and tap the 4 stars to view the user's account PIN. Next to the user's name the Manage Account icon wil be visible Manage Users.

    Below the user's information are 3 buttons:

    1. Change Password - The Change Password screen will be visible where the application access password can be changed.
    2. Reset Application - This will erease all accounts and reset the application to its factory default.
    3. Logout - This will log the user out and display the login screen.

    User Settings
    Change Password

    3.7 Manage Account

    If you are registered to more than one company, then you can add additional accounts here. Follow the steps in Chapter 2.1 Activating your profile

    Add more companies to your profile
    Add new or existing account
    Connect to new account
    Connect to existing account